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On this page you can access datasets [Excel or Numbers] created from archival sources & discussed in the text.

1. Assessment Records, Storey County, Nevada, 1875-1884.
Ore producers were required to appear quarterly before the County Assessor with data on output, cost, yield, etc. for purposes of assessing mining taxes. The declarations & taxes were then transmitted to the State Controller. Some of the data appeared in his biennial report to the State Legislature. Assessment records prior to the 4th Quarter, 1875, were destroyed by fire. All the records since then have been microfilmed. I examined some of the surviving records in the Storey County Courthouse, Virginia City, to make sure they matched up with the microfilmed copies. They did. The microfilms are available at UNR Library.

2. Nevada Gold & Silver Output, 1860-1885.
Various sources: Surveyor-General, Comptroller, Mineralogist, etc.
This is an Excel File with a tab for each year in which data exist. There is a single worksheet tab summarizing all the data series combined. Please read the explanations in the 1st column of the various worksheets, especially with regard to how I had to annualize data that do not appear that way in the printed sources. The county assessments, i.e. those above for Storey County, were submitted to the Controller on a printed form called the ABSTRACT STATEMENT. The Controller assembled the totals ffrom all the counties in his report to the Legislature.